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Hi everyone, Meje2 here. I just finished cleaning up the gallery which became a big mess (to give an example I found a Kakashi picture in the NaruHina folder ¬¬'' ). I changed the folders somewhat too so here I'm gonna explain the changes:

Currently empty yes, I was thinking about putting 1 or 2 picture of each member in there. Just a though I have right now, to admin what's your thought on this? Other suggestions (of everyone) are welcome

Pretty simle, just plain naruhina fanart HOWEVER! no fanfictions and no comics (see below)

Just like naruhina, again no fanfictions and no comics!

NaruHina SasuSaku
Only art that has BOTH couples. One of them missing out, then it doesn't belong in this folder.

Other couples
Every other couple there is, with original cast. Multiple couples in one allowed too.

This is a special folder. Father (a fanfiction of mine) is the reason this group was started. In this folder you may ONLY submit art that has to do with the fanfiction. Be it an OC or be it a couple it HAS to do with the fanfiction. (As for a couple, it could be a scene from the fanfiction.) You'll also find the fanfiction Father in this folder.

All fanfictions. Even the ones with couples in it! They don't belong in any couple folder but here!

Pretty simple, all OCs.

Doujin comic
All comics, no matter if it contains a couple or not it belongs here and NOT in any couple folder.

Mature content
Any kind of art that has mature content on it. Be it comic, drawing or fanfiction, it belongs here!

Naruto fanart
If it doesn't belong in any of the above folders, it belongs here.

Naruto drawing -> Naruto fanart
Couple of Kakashi with OC -> Other couples
One panel comic of Naruto and Sasuke -> Doujin comic
Fanfiction of nejitenten -> fanfiction
Mature content fanfiction of naruhina -> Mature content
Fanfiction of the fanfiction Father -> fanfiction (sorry, fatheruniverse folder only has the father fanfiction^^;)

I hope this is easy to understand.

To the admin (aka the ones that are allowed to vote), from now on you READ what folder something is submitted to. Ofc you can make a mistake but please put that in the private comments and say you accidentally hit the wrong button RIGHT AWAY. If I see you make the mistake of allowing something in the wrong folder too many times, I will personally take care you're kicked back down to members. You are there to help us, not give us more work because you always just hit the yes button not matter where something is submitted to.
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Submitted on
March 20, 2012