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Submitted on
February 11, 2011



#1 Do not offend the owners of the club.
#2 No yaoi. (It's not like we are against Homosexuals, we just do not want to read/see it.)
#3 No yuri. (see Rule no 2 for reason)
#4 No harem.
#5 No pornographic material (and hardcore lemons). (put this on
#6 No superficial work.
#7 No use of other than allowed pairings. (see explanation and list below)
#8 No crossovers except our reality or any live-action-series. Specifically, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make an anime/manga universes crossover (Example: Naruto/InuYasha). And for Pete's sake, if you must make one (with a live-action series) make it really a believable CrossOver. Like this one:…
#9 The word of the owners is law! (please understand why) The admin is GOD.
#10 Never, under no circumstances even try to join as "co-founder" or "founder". You'll get voted out.

Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules will be kicked out. !!!

Allowed pairings:

Understand that we do not like all parings, if you have another opinion about the parings don’t start discussing about how stupid is your favourite pairing isn’t allowed in this club but go to another club. If you are not sure if your pairing is allowed note us. OCs are always welcome!
(OCs are the only exception of Rule No 7.)

Anko x Iruka
Gaara x Matsuri
Ino x Choji
Ino x Sai
Jiraiya x Tsunade
Konohamaru x Hanabi
Lee x OC (f.)
Lee x Sakura
Minato x Kushina
Naruto x Hinata
Neji x Tenten
Sasuke x Sakura
Shikamaru x Temari

Everyone else is free to straight OC pairing. One-sided longing/crush/attraction is also allowed.
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TitanWarrior17 Jul 30, 2011  Student General Artist

"Specifically, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make an anime/manga universes crossover (Example: Naruto/InuYasha). And for Pete's sake, make it really a believable CrossOver. Like this one: [link]"
First off i can say that i understand why, and i put this lightly, you're a bit against crossovers, your example of mentioning a naruto/inuyasha crossover can't help but point out the possible lack of depth such a story maybe conceived as when made by a happy go lucky inuyasha/naruto fan

i can't help but greatly express to you how much stuff like that bothers me greatly, thats why i took the time to make my own, and with much consideration on how it all fleshes out, with things like making sure its not immediately focused on fanservice, or self-satisfying scenarios or whatever the f@ck you call them, my goal is to try to be as professional as possible

but i know that telling you like this isn't going to convince you... thats why i'm going to take the liberty to show you, what my story can hold. this story of mine holds more that just two crossovers (but more). but the main concern are the values and morals this story holds and will portray as it is ultimately seen within the perspective of one original character

i make this story, not just out of just self-satisfaction, but out of self-reflection as well for myself. what prevented me from moving forward with this project was my fear that it wouldn't be original, though now i threw away that notion pulling forward knowing that it will greatly increase my abilities as an artist if i pull through with this...

i tell you all this with hopes that you'll accept my story in you're club without biased preconceptions or stereotypes.

at the moment, all i can show you is this
Project Gallery
example 1: [link] this is a preview to a story arc that takes place in the world of bleach, this is just one of many

i've only drawn out a story map of the arc thats related to naruto and i'll be sure to only submit those parts here

i can only ask that you can treat it as a separate story despite that it ties into the actual main story.
now my other concern was how you worded this part...

first you say, "under no circumstances are crossovers allowed"
then you say, "make it a believeable crossover"

you might want to reword that to avoid confusion
Kamikashi Jul 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
check that now.
Sorceress2000 Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
question... I'm basically known for my Nejiten work (both fanart and fanfiction), but occasionally within my stories I tend to include hints of KibaHina, Shikatema, and very very slight InoCho and NaruSaku... I know 3 out of those 4 aren't on your list (and one is apparently a hated pairing), but they're usually very minimal in my stories (if at all). I'm wondering how that fits into the rules. The minor pairings in my fics are usually just a brief mention or slight hint (because I know a lot of my fans don't always share my taste in pairings) focusing mostly on just Nejiten, but I still wanted to bring it up to know where you all stand on the issue before I join. oh also whenever I do do minor-pairings in my Nejiten Stories I always put in a warning, just thought I'd mention that.
Kamikashi Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Don't mention them in chats, don't promote them. That's all; we draw the line at pairing wars.
Putting a warning in is acceptable. (Make it a BIG ONE. Like the innuendo warnings on our fics.)
Sorceress2000 Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
k. i'm not really into the pairing wars at all. I just have my favorites.
Kamikashi Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
as I said, don't promote and you will be fine.
Sorceress2000 Apr 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luffy-Kun Mar 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I do not understand the rules. Why do you only allow certain pairings? What about Naruto x Sakura? Is it a bias on your part or something??
Kamikashi Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
No/Yes. It has to do with the fact that the club originally bases on a NaruHina-SasuSaku Expanded Universe Story by Co-founder Meje2. Therefore, the club consists of a)NaruHina-SasuSaku-tards and/or b)CanonC/OC-shippers, as stated in the rules.
We don't promote NS - any club member who likes it should air this opinion outside of the club. Submitting art of non-supported pairings to the club is a breach of rules, and therefore results in a KICK.
These are our rules, sorry. (btw, I hate pink.) We don't kick for liking the pairings, to offend the owners would be for Example bashing a listed pairing and promoting an anti-pairing.
Besides, among our affiliated clubs are the Anti-NaruSaku-Rebels and the Anti-NaruSaku-club.
Our rules are our TOS - accept, or no joining.
Okay.....I can understand the rules.
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