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To join us as artist (contributor) you have to prove us you can give thought to character development. An example: Kakashi and Kamikashi out of Genius Interlude Father by Kamikashi or Father by Meje2 .
Anyone else who just would like to stare at us and be a part-timer/fan (member), you're welcome to click the big fat "join this group" button.

The club motto is “Develop the character depth of the characters of Naruto”! It’s founded for quality not for quantity, although cracks are welcome as well ^^.

Make a deviation that shows us this and put the link into your Join request. If you get two out of three votes, you will get a note back that you officially joined the club. Everything is allowed as long as you follow the rules!

Another way of joining the club is write a chapter of the Naruto 50 theme challenge (specially made for this club by Kamikashi ) Rules for this are as followed:
1) You cannot choose one of the themes, you’ll get one assigned to you.
2) It has to be seen as a fanfiction with chapters. So theme 2 continues where theme 1 left off.
3) The 50 theme challenge takes place in the Father universe. You can use all character/couples used in Father. (We want to see your side of the story =D) However this DOES NOT mean you need to follow the story of father strictly and choose a point in the story. This will be another side of father.
4) You will have one week (from the day you were assigned to a chapter) exactly! (This is because other people need to write a chapter after you, please understand this rule) EXCEPTION? ONLY and I repeat ONLY if you have a very good excuse.
5) Note us when the theme/chapter is finished and you have automatically joined the club (UNLESS the theme/chapter makes NO SENSE! See motto)
6) When you don’t manage to finish the theme/chapter before the deadline the theme/chapter will automatically be assigned to the next one. However you can try a next time!
7) FOLLOW THE CLUB RULES! naruto-exu-ff-freaks.deviantar…
8) OC’s/characters can be older/younger than in father. Use your imagination =3.
9) Make sure NOT to give the theme/chapter an ending that makes the next one unable to continue. (Unless it’s the last theme/chapter)
10) It is not important WHEN your story happens in the Father Universe, it just has to be later or at least in the same time as the theme/chapter beforehand
11) Make sure years between relatives/characters match! Example: you make Keii 13, then Taka has to be 12/13 (depending on the month) Naruto has to be 33 etc etc.
12) The theme/chapter may must be at least 3 page and have a maximum length of 6 in Times New Roman size 12.
13) Name the deviation after the theme you’ve been given
14) Send a note to Kamikashi, NOT the club. Name it Club 50 theme – (insert theme you’ve been given)
15) Most of all HAVE FUN (but don’t overdo it LOL)
Please follow these rules, it will make things a lot more fun =D. Below the list of 50 themes you will find a list of characters/OC’s used in Father.

Father – 50 themes challenge:
1. Confusion
2. Déjà vu
3. Randomness
4. Revelation
5. Friend
6. Enemies
7. Evil
8. To Sleep, Perchance to dream
9. Secrecy
10. Tea
11. Cake
12. Chocolate
13. Ramen
14. Mendokuse
15. No Way out
16. Victory
17. Sakura
18. Hospital
19. Medical killing intent
20. SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked Up)
21. Insult
22. Pride
23. Hinata
24. Brave
25. Hokage
26. Mission accomplished
27. All quiet in the Academy
28. Naruto
29. Foot in the mouth
30. Injury
31. Healing
32. Ô-kami-sama!
33. Fit for duty?
34. Silver Hair
35. Kakashi
36. Promise
37. Swords
38. Kamikashi
39. Gods
40. Power
41. Knowledge
42. Truth
43. Awakening
44. Orochimaru
45. Faith
46. Danger
47. Fear
48. Hope
49. Rescue
50. Another day

Characters used in Father:*

Abumaru Hanako (OC)
Abumaru Shino
Abumaru Shiro (OC)
Akimichi Choji
Akimichi Ino, née Yamanaka

Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kamikashi, née Kurikumo (OC)
Hatake Kamiko (OC)
Hatake Sakumo (OC, not Kakashi’s father)

Hyuga Hanabi
Hyuga Haruki (OC)
Hyuga Hiashi
Hyuga Hinata
Hyuga-Sarutobi Kazuki (OC)

Hyuga Neji
Hyuga Sora (OC)
Hyuga Tenten
Inuzuka Akane (OC)
Inuzuka Kiba

Inuzka Tsume (OC, not Kiba’s mom)
Maito Ai (OC)
Maito Gai

Maito Kenichiro (OC)
Mitarashi Anko
Namikaze Minato
Nara Shikako (OC)

Nara Shikamaru
Nara Shikaro (OC)
Nara Temari, née Sabaku no

Sabaku no Gaara
Sabaku no Kankuro
Sabaku no Kazeko (OC)
Sabaku no Matsuri
Sabaku no Sunaarashi (OC)
Sabaku no Tsuru (OC)

Sarutobi Konohamaru
Sarutobi Masaru (OC)

Senju Jiraiya
Senju Inariko,née Kirikumo (OC)
Senju Hotaru (OC)
Senju Kogane (OC)
Senju Kohaku (OC)
Senju Shirogane (OC)
Senju Tenzo
Senju Tsunade

Uchiha Akemi (OC)
Uchiha Fugaku (OC, not Sasuke’s father)
Uchiha Hikaru (OC)
Uchiha Kenshin (OC)
Uchiha Mikoto (OC, not Sasuke’s mother)
Uchiha Sakura, née Haruno
Uchiha Sasuke

Umino Iruka
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki-Hyuga Keiji (OC)

Yakushi Kaito (OC)
Yakushi Lee, née Rock
Yakushi Nekomata (OC)
Yakushi Megami (OC)
Yakushi Sayuri (OC)
Yakushi Shiori (OC)
Yakushi Taka (OC)
Yakushi Yamato (OC)
Yuhi Kurenai

Couples used in Father
Anko x Iruka
Gaara x Matsuri
Ino x Choji
Jiraiya x Tsunade
Kakashi x Kamikashi
Konohamaru x Hanabi
Lee x Nekomata
Naruto x Hinata
Neji x Tenten
Raido x Shizune
Sasuke x Sakura
Shikamaru x Temari

* It is possible some characters are missing since we are talking about a huge amount of characters. If you have any questions about an OC don’t mind asking and note one of the admins not the club!
Please make note that characters as the Akatsuki members are not mentioned by name and are therefore not in the list. The will end up in the list when used in the story as counts for other manga characters as well.

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