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#1 Do not offend the owners of the club.
#2 No yaoi. (It's not like we are against Homosexuals, we just do not want to read/see it.)
#3 No yuri. (see Rule no 2 for reason)
#4 No harem.
#5 No pornographic material (and hardcore lemons). (put this on
#6 No superficial work.
#7 No use of other than allowed pairings. (see explanation and list below)
#8 No crossovers except our reality or any live-action-series. Specifically, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES make an anime/manga universes crossover (Example: Naruto/InuYasha). And for Pete's sake, if you must make one (with a live-action series) make it really a believable CrossOver. Like this one:…
#9 The word of the owners is law! (please understand why) The admin is GOD.
#10 Never, under no circumstances even try to join as "co-founder" or "founder". You'll get voted out.

Anyone who doesn’t follow the rules will be kicked out. !!!

Allowed pairings:

Understand that we do not like all parings, if you have another opinion about the parings don’t start discussing about how stupid is your favourite pairing isn’t allowed in this club but go to another club. If you are not sure if your pairing is allowed note us. OCs are always welcome!
(OCs are the only exception of Rule No 7.)

Anko x Iruka
Gaara x Matsuri
Ino x Choji
Ino x Sai
Jiraiya x Tsunade
Konohamaru x Hanabi
Lee x OC (f.)
Lee x Sakura
Minato x Kushina
Naruto x Hinata
Neji x Tenten
Sasuke x Sakura
Shikamaru x Temari

Everyone else is free to straight OC pairing. One-sided longing/crush/attraction is also allowed.

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